Current News


I.                    Last date of Online Registration in Class I extended upto 15th March 2017 (4:00 PM) (10-03-2017) 



        II. Staff Transferred in:

           (1). Smt.Vinita Da Gama Rose  joined the Vidyalaya as Principal I/C on 19/10/2016.

           (2). Shri. K R Krishnadas joined in the Vidyalaya as PGT(Maths) on 18/07/2016

           (2). Smt. Sheebas joined as PGT(Biology) on 25/07/2016.

           (3). Shri.Jagadheesha M Karkera TGT(Drawing) joined in the Vidyalaya on  20/07/2016


III. Staff Transferred out During 2016-17:      

           (1). Shri. B.P Singh, TGT(SST)

           (2). Shri. Vinod Kumar, TGT(SST)

           (3). Smt.Jyothi Yadav, PRT

           (4). Smt.Raj Kumari, PRT


IV. Student Achievers During 2016-17:

a.        Master Aditya Prakash of Class XI A: Cleared JNMO, INMO, KVPY. Will be moving to Japan for Sakura

b.      Kumari Ranjana B  Kasangeri of Class XII A: Cleared KVPY. Attended Saukura (Japan in 2016)

c.       Kumari Reshmi B Kasangeri of Class XI-B: Cleared KVPY.

d.      Kumari Keerthana of Class VIII-C: National Swimming Champion(1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze)(if selected, will fly to Hungry soon).

e.       Master S Karthik of Class X-A:Silver in Karate in International Junior Championship in Yokohama, Japan.

f.       Kumari Simran Singh of Class IX-B: National Bronze Medal in Athletics

g.       Kumari Sreelakshmi Bhatt of Class VIII-C : Regional First in Sanskrit Sloka Recitation and also participated at the National.


V. Teacher Achievers During 2016-17:

                 Three Teachers-Shri.George PT, PGT(English), Smt.Rinka AP, PGT(Chemistry) and Shri. Sunil Kumar T, PGT(Computer Science) received certificates of excellence from KVS(HQ)  New Delhi for their Excellent achievements in Class XII Board Examination 2016-17. 

VI. Jyothi Pradhan 2017- The formal farewell to Class XII students was held on 28/02/2017.


VII. MR VACCINATION campaign on 08/02/2017.


    VIII. Deworming Day. Tabulated distributed on 10/02/2017.



    IX. CMP of Mangaluru Cluster held at KV No.1 Mangaluru on 07/03/2017.


X. KV No.1 Mangaluru is the Exam Centre for AISSE 2017 for Class X.